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Bachelor and Masters projects

I am happy supervise both bachelor and MSc projects for students with an interest in evolutionary demography, population biology, life history evolution etc. I have an established wild population of great tits which can form the basis for some projects. There is also potential for collaboration and visits with other institutions overseas (e.g. in the UK). Here are some examples of potential projects.

A PhD in the group

I welcome interest from potential students in all aspects of evolutionary demography, particularly in comparative demography across large species groups. I have no funds to support a student at the moment, but a few funding sources are available. If two thirds of the required funding is raised from external sources, SDU can often support the remaining costs. Another option is to obtain funding from the MaxNetAging Research School (MNARS) which offers scholarships for research focussed on aging. Please contact me for support in these applications.

Post-doc in the group

I also welcome postdocs who want to work on any area of evolutionary demography. There are numerous sources available. For example, I have had some success with the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) scheme. Other options include the Max Planck Society funded MNARS scheme, which offers 2 year post-doctoral scholarships for research focussing on aging, an international postdoc grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research or a fellowship from the AXA Research Fund. Get in touch if you would like to discuss these options (or others) informally.