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Bachelor and Masters projects

I am happy supervise both bachelor and MSc projects for students with an interest in evolutionary demography, population biology, life history evolution etc. I currently have a student studying predation behaviour of domestic cats on Fyn so you should interpret this broadly! I also have an established wild population of great tits which can make a basis for some projects. Here are some examples of potential projects.

A PhD in the group

I welcome interest from research students in all aspects of evolutionary demography, particularly in comparative demography across large species groups. I have no funds to support a student at the moment, but a few funding sources are available. One example is to obtain funding from the MaxNetAging Research School (MNARS) which offers 3 year scholarships for research focussed on aging. Please contact me for support in these applications.

Post-doc in the group

I also welcome postdocs who want to work on any area of evolutionary demography. There are numerous sources available. The MNARS offers 2 year post-doctoral scholarships for reearch with a focus on aging. Other options are to obtain a Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) individual postdoc or “MOBILEX” grant from the Danish Minstry of Higher Education and Science. A fellowship from the Villumfonden, or the AXA Research Fund may also be an option depending on the subject matter. I am happy to advise on these applications.