Bachelor/Masters projects

The following are some ideas for bachelor/masters projects in the group. The list is not exclusive – if you have any other ideas you’d like to explore please get in touch!

  • Population biology and/or behaviour of great tits at SDU.
  • Extent and bias of biodiversity knowledge across species groups.
  • Using matrix population models to study comparative population dynamics.
  • Acoustic monitoring of biodiversity.
  • Comparative demography in mammals and birds (or other taxonomic groups) – how have patterns of reproduction and survival evolved?
  • Hunting by domestic cats in Denmark.
  • The population biology of invasive species.
  • Age-related declines in athletic performance in humans – older athletes perform less well than younger ones, but athletes in some sports do better than in others. Why?
  • Population biology of parasitic plants – parasites “cheat” by stealing resources; how does this affect their demography?